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We sat down together to discuss who was going to design each part of the designs we needed for the unit.  We decided that Mia would do the letterheads, Vane would do the business cards and Joanne and Christina would design the website.

After we divided the work, we started to discuss how we wanted the designs to look.  We decided that we wanted to create characters of each of the team members to put on the website, as well as on the business cards.  Vane drew up a mock version of one of the characters and we all instantly loved it!  For the letterhead, we discussed where we wanted to place the logo on the paper and also what other information we needed to include.

The website needed a page for the ethos/profile, a page for information about each of the team members, a page for the portfolio and examples of the team members’ previous work and also a contact page.

We then went away to design each of the different parts, scheduling a meeting for after the Easter holidays to discuss what we had been doing.


We decided to each design some logos and then meet up to see which ones we thought were best.  Here are the logo designs that we did:

In the end, this is the logo we all decided to go with:

We sat down together to discuss how we were going to write our ethos by discussing our combined views and values for the company.  Here is our working out for the ethos:

This is our final ethos:

We are Vibrant Designs; a design company made up of four people with individual skills specialising in web-design, photography, print, illustrations and moving image.  We are passionate designers and we care a great deal about our clients; working and listening very closely to their every need.  Each of us have specialist skills that we add to the team.  This means that we can be more dedicated to our area of expertise whilst the four of us build the company to offer all of our skills collectively.  We like to keep it fresh, edgy and individual.

We discussed what styles we wanted for our design company and what styles we liked and aspired to.  We decided that digital vector illustrations were a style that we all liked and aspired to so we decided to collect a series of images that we liked to put on the moodboard.  Once we each collected a large amount of images, we brought them in and all chose which ones we all collectively liked.  Here is the result of our moodboard:


This blog is for the logging of our progress for the unit Professional Practice for the design company: VIBRANT DESIGNS.
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